120 PcsTrueTiles Taverns KIt

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This 120 Pcs Expert Tavern Kit will get your campaign started on the right square.

Included in 120 Pcs Kit
23 Field Tile
17 Corner Tile
30 Single-Wall Tile
8 Dead-End Tile
10 Hallway Tile
10 Slanted Wall Tile
12 Doors
2 Stairs Up
2 Stairs Down
1 Inn and Bar Table Set

200 Pcs Clips

The True Tiles will bring your Tabletop Campaign to life, This Item is unpainted and allows you to paint it any color you with, It is usually printed on black or grey PLA.

Level up Games is a Licensed printer for Hero's Hoard

The TrueTiles Tavern Kit Set gives you the freedom to create whatever you can imagine. No more worrying about the "shared walls" propagation problem that has plagued gamers since dungeon tiles first came out on the market. No more worrying about monsters not fitting in corridors or having to print special door tiles. It's time to get back in the driver seat and make you dungeon tiles work for you! "You bow to no tile."

The TrueTiles Tavern Set is OpenLOCK Compatible.

This pieces are NOT Painted

Some pieces require assembly. For larger order's we require a couple extra days to print additional pieces.