Samurai Farmyard Set

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A set of farm structures, fields and accessories from old Japan.

The rice barn is 120mm long, 100mm wide and 105mm high. It's printed in several pieces to combine any print lines with the woodgrain and roof thatch.

The bamboo fence can be found even in present-day Japan as a quick and easy garden fence, and could be used to mark boundaries, hold back weeds or soil, or keep chickens. The straight section is 120mm long and 25mm high, and two versions are included; with and without bases. Corner sections are included.

A water well is an essential part of any farm, and this one comes with a wooden roof and detailed posts and a bucket. It is approximately 70mm x 45mm wide, and 53mm high.

This wooden handcart was designed to transport small loads of farm produce, and was pulled by one peasant farmer. A set of accessories is supplied with this cart; a stack of roped barrels, a stack of straw bundles (single bundle also included), and a stack of boxes (single box also included) with a lid.

Other accessories included are some basic farming tools (plough and hoe), plus some large wooden tubs. All are fully textured.

A rice paddy is supplied in two formats; bare earth furrows and short rice stubble. You can print the rice paddy at standard size to make a square 12cm field, or you can resize and combine fields as you want (see blog), and add the separate rice rows later. The rice paddy is also watertight, so you can add a few millimetres of clear resin as muddy water for even more realism. Alternatively you could use the bare earth furrows as a simple generic ploughed field.

Included :

  • 1 Rice barn with thatched roof
  • 1 Rice paddy with various options
  • 4 Bamboo fence with straight and corner sections
  • 1 Water well and bucket
  • 1 Hand cart
  • 4 Farm boxes, barrels and bundles
  • Farming tools and tubs

This print is NOT painted