Samurai Canal Set

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A modular set of canal-side walls from old Japan, allowing you to create any size or layout of canal network. This set can be combined perfectly with the Samurai Bridges sets.

Each straight section measures 120mm x 40mm, and is approximately 30mm tall. Straight sections can be fitted with three tops options; a textured surface to simulate earth or gravel, or the tops can be flipped over if you require smooth surfaces, or a textured version with stone paving slabs. Corner blocks (40mm x 40mm) and inner corner blocks are provided in three versions; smooth tops, textured, or textured with stone slabs.

A 120mm-wide dock section is also included, with stone steps leading down to the canal. A simple wooden punt boat, called a donko-fune, is also included in the set. These were used to ferry passengers around town canals or moats at a leisurely pace, and are based on those found in present-day Yanagawa (see photo).

This set contains straight sections, corner sections, inner corner sections, centre sections, and a dock step section. All sections can be connected using the small clips included in the set, or can be fitted with 5mm x 1mm rare earth magnets for even greater convenience.

The canal set can also be used as a set of low hills, with the dock section as steps.

Included :

  • 4 Canal straight section
  • 2 Canal corner section
  • 2 Canal inside corner section
  • 1 Canalside steps section
  • 2 - 120mm centre section
  • 1 - 44mm x 120mm centre section
  • 2 Canal punt boats
  • Joining clips

This print is NOT painted