Necrontyr Tombcity Wall Set

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A set of walls and large gateway building, to surround and protect your Necrontyr Tomb City.


Straight sections are 120mm in length, and approximately 105mm tall. Wall sections have a 42mm-wide pathway running along the top, protected by a solid chest-height wall on either side. The set includes corner sections and a special step junction, to allow your models to get on and off the city walls. The 75mm steps section from the Necrontyr Walkways and Bridges Set is also included in this set.

The gateway building features two large obelisk-style towers, with internal steps to raise the path over the large 100mm-high gates, which can be swung opened or closed during games. Numerous engravings and Necrontyr symbols adorn the structure.

All wall sections feature slots on the underside for clips (included) to join them together, but you can also fit 4~5mm diameter rare earth magnets for extra convenience.

Included : 

  • 3 - 120mm straight wall
  • 2 - 120mm step junction wall
  • 2 - Corner wall
  • 1 - Gateway building
  • 1 - 75mm stairs
  • Joining clips

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