Huaxia - Way Station

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Wow - What a masterpiece, This piece is not for the faint of heart. This is a centerpiece to your story. This piece is HUGE.

21 Inches Wide
25 Inches Long
40 Inches Tall (Over 3 Feet)

Please contact us if you are serious in purchasing this product to go over timelines. (we have printed projects this large so we are familiar with large orders such as this)

Let us take your tabletop game to the next Level. Show off your story or battlefield with a new piece of terrain or mini. Large terrain, such as buildings, rocks, ruins are printed with PLA+ to ensure maximum detail. Small prints such as minis and furniture etc. will have the option to print with Resin which will offer more detail than the PLA+.

Need something larger than what is offered? Or want a larger print done in resin, send us a message.

We try our best at cleaning the print before being sent out, but we admit we are not perfect therefore you may need to clip additional artifacts or stringing from the print. Some prints will also need to be assembled (glued together, clips)

If you have any questions about the prints do not hesitate to send us a message.