Experience Points

What are they?

Experience points are a great way to Level Up your gaming experience with us, For every $1.00 spent you will earn 12.5 Experience Points, You also get 500 ($2.50 Value) points just for signing up with us! 

 Exchange your Experience Points for great deals such as money off your next purchase! Keep on the lookout for deals to double your Experience Points!


Level Up (Coming Soon)

 We want our returning customers to feel like they are growing along side with us, the more Experience Points you earn by purchasing product the higher the level you grow. As you Level Up you will earn better discount and earn free gifts! All you have to do to start is make your first purchase and you will start earning Experience Points.

Level 1 Perks (0 - 5000)

Level 2 Perks (5001 - 12000)

Level 3 Perks (12k - 25k)

Level 4 Perks (25k -45k)

Level 5 Perks (45k - 75k)

Level 6 Perks (75k - 120k)

Level 7 Perks (120k - 200k)

Level 8 Perks (200k - 350k)

Level 9 Perks (350k - 500k)

Level 10 Perks (500k - 1Million)

Master Level (Above 1 Million)